Tech Fleet Community DAO

We're coming to the Kadena blockchain. Our website, Tech Fleet NFT, and the $FLEET token are all coming #soon. Meanwhile, there is a huge community presence on Slack today.
Catch us in our Slack community and other social media outlets!
We are:
  1. A community-driven agency for Web2 and Web3, serving nonprofits, for-profits, DAOs, entrepreneurs, and otherwise.
  2. The first DAO for community-driven decentralized apprenticeship programs for UX, Product Management, Web/App/Blockchain Development, Marketing, QA, Business Development, and other Tech roles.
  3. A community-driven product incubator for Kadena and other blockchains.
  4. A way to invest in new ideas, help make them a reality, and have a financial stake in them.
  5. A place for any company (nonprofit, for-profit, startup) in the world to test and build and validate new business ideas.
  6. A place where as a client, you're contributing to our mission for the greater good.
  7. A company’s source for global, flexible, and on-demand team building.
  8. A community educational hub for Tech workers of all levels.
  9. A community freelance engine for Tech workers of all levels.